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Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the lives of Tampa Bay area Shimojiha Uechi-ryu karatedo students and enable them to learn the principles of Okinawan karate through instruction and practical training.  In order for us to accomplish this mission we will provide high-level theoretical instruction and practical training in the martial art of Shimojiha Uechi-ryu karatedo.  Our instructional goals include:

  • Provide practical self-defense training for people of all backgrounds and abilities while remaining faithful to the martial arts roots of budo Shimojiha Uechi-ryu

  • Prioritize mutual improvement in a non-competitive and competitive environment

  • Provide a safe training environment for all students

  • Teach a solid foundation of basic karate Shimojiha Uechi-ryu technique and movement in order to enhance each student's growth and progress

  • Provide a training environment where individuals can develop self-discipline, confidence, control and self-reliance as well as self-defense

  • Provide students with formal training tools that ensure consistent standards for the advancement and promotion of each student through a sound and solidly structured program to develop healthy bodies, minds, natural reflexes and tools for an effective self-defense strategy

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